We are specialized to offering the following services.

  • HPC – High Performance Computing Server -  Get the latest Hightech PC´s for rendering – to your office or one of our Server Farms.
  • Server Housing- We find the right home for your server with lowest rates of housing and energy.
  • Server Rental- You are interested to rent a Server. Then we find the right lessor for you.
  • Blockchain Technology- We provide Blockchain Services for international companies. Create your own blockchain to secure and verify valued datas on save places. Or create and save Smartcontracts to grow your business.
  • Cloud Services- Smart solutions for smart businesses. Use Cloud Services to recording your work. Beflexible and get access to your files all over the world.  
  • Software Programming and API Services- You need special Software Solutions for your business? Our partners create your Business Software and/or API and implement your datas into your new CRM or ERP.
  • POS and ATM – Hardware Services - We provide Hardware for Point-of-Sales and KIOSK or ATM Machines for instituional financial partners.
  • Beacons Technology- We are Distributor of Beaconsmind Technology. Creating a new Retail Era by connecting the Point-of-Sale and eCommerce.